FEAS+ Data Export

This is a simple html form that will post a request to FEAS+ for a faculty member's publication data.

Authorized UserID: (required)
User Password: (required)
Faculty UserID: (required)
Format Type: (optional)
Limit Selection: (optional)
Limit Source: (optional)
Web Response: (optional)

This is a simple HTML form which illustrates a function within FEAS+ for exporting publication citations. The intent is to support external systems which may use a scripted client to access this information. This HTML web form is provided to demonstrate the user interface. As part of the web request, you must provide a user's FSUID and password for authentication. This credential is checked against LDAP to verify your identity. This does not log you into the web version of FEAS+ and is only used to process this transaction. The userid is checked against your privileges within the FEAS+ system. You must have VIEW authority for the selected Faculty member. (UserIDs are not case sensitive).

Format Type options are: XML, EndNote, RefWorks, or BibTeX. This is the format of output of the faculty member's citations. This output is exactly comparable to the publication export formats provided in the FEAS+ Export function. By default, the XML format is used.

Limit Selection options are: PUB or ALL. PUB is the default and limits the citations to those that are published. ALL retrieves all citations (eg: Submitted, In Press, Contracted, etc.)

Limit Source options are: C or A. C is the default and limits the citations to those that are completed. A retrieves all citations (eg: Imported, Needs Review, Finish Later, and Completed).

Web Response options are: PAGE or FILE. PAGE is the default and provides the output in the response stream (ie to the web browser page). FILE causes the response to be returned in a file, which may be downloaded.

The form is only intended to serve as a model for the development of external interfaces for access to FEAS+ publication data. For testing, the form action value is: